• Check out this fun conjunction game for kids and learn more about sentence structure. Use joining words such as so, because, while, and after to complete a range of activities. Carefully read the sentences, find the best answers and see if you can complete all the interactive challenges.

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  • Conjunctions, such as 'and', 'or', 'but', 'because' and 'although', are used to join two parts of sentences. They can also give us more information, give alternatives, give reasons, give results or give unexpected information. Listen and watch the video.Then check your understanding of the use of conjunctions with the different exercises below.

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  • Help Max and Molly on their balloon trip by choosing the right joining word to fill in the gap. A fun way to practice your knowledge of adverbs and conjunctions. You get to choose easy, medium or difficult level questions.

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  • Small words like, and, but, for, yet and so are necessary to connect your ideas in English. This lesson helps you to understand conjunctions and how to connect your ideas.

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  • An important study lesson about conjunction words, such as: and, but, or and so. These small words connect ideas and are a big part of basic English. The lesson has an exercise to check your understanding.

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  • Although, even though, because, so. Do you know these words? These important words that connect ideas are essential for intermediate and advanced students. This study lesson will help you use these words to connect your ideas.

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  • A great music video from Schoolhouse Rock. Listen to the song and watch the cartoon to learn how to use the main conjunctions ('and', 'but', 'or').

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  • This lesson presents a written example with several cohesive connectors. This lesson will make you a better writer and enhance your ability to speak and understand natural English.

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  • In this game, you are the green frog. When you see the category of conjunction in the box in the middle, you need to gobble the correct conjunction that falls under that type. But remember, you have to be lightning fast, or else, you will lose to the computer frog. Have fun!

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  • This site offers detailed information and examples about using conjunctions. A conjunction is a joiner, a word that connects (conjoins) parts of a sentence. They are an essential part of constructing basic English phrases.

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  • Adverbs are not always simple words or phrases; they can also be clauses, containing a subject and a full verb. This page will explain the basic types of adverb clauses and how to recognize them. There are several exercises for practice. The exercise answers are available, if you can't seem to get a question right.

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  • Click on "The sentence, please!" and insert the necessary comma or commas with your keypad. The "Grammar's Version" will show the fully correct version for you to compare your answer with.

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  • What is an adverb clause? What is a subordinating conjunction? What are the different types of adverb clauses? Find out the answers to these questions in this advanced lesson. Using adverb clauses allows you to include more information in your sentences.

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  • Adverb clauses are an important part of spoken and written English as they allow you to add more detail to your sentences efficiently. Adverb clauses must be understood if a student wants to be a fluent speaker, or a better writer.

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