• There are several ways to talk about the future and this list of reasons and examples goes through them all: using present tense, "will," "going to," modals and other verbs. There's also a self-correcting quiz for you to practice!

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  • This is a fun way to practice using 'going to' for actions in the future. Look at the picture and read the sentence. You have to decide what is going to happen next! Tick the right box (either true or false) next to each of the 4 statements, based on what you have read. At the end you get a scorecard on how well you did, and how fast you were!

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  • What will our planet me like in the future? Go through the exercises, choosing the right future perdition for the picture or fill in the gaps for the sentences. The last exercise also shows you the form for predictions using 'more/fewer' (+ plural words) - 'there will be fewer places to live' and predictions using 'more/less' (+uncountable nouns) - 'there will be less drinking water'. Do you think any of this will come true?

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